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About Jessemade

Create smiles, preserve memories

Create Smiles

Our mission at Jessemade is to spread happy and warm memories by providing carefully crafted one-of-a-kind customized gifts to people all over the world.

Preserve Memories

Jessemade always listens to the needs and wishes of its customers and supports their creativity and ideas to the fullest extent possible, creating beautiful memories that are different for each customer.

At Jessemade, our commitment extends beyond crafting personalized items; it is about spreading the warmth of these captured moments to everyone.

Every moment of love with your lovers
Jessemade beautifully captures the myriad moments of love and connection throughout life's journey. From the enchanting initial meeting with your partner to the deep bonds formed in love, and the joyous responsibility of welcoming a newborn into your lives, Jessemade is dedicated to immortalizing the diverse and beautiful stages of every relationship.
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Every moment of your child's development
Positioned as the premier choice for customized gifts on special anniversaries, Jessemade turns these cherished moments into lasting memories. Embracing the lively moments of your child's development, whether you prefer vintage film or personalized albums, Jessemade not only preserves each precious frame but also offers birthstone bracelets with customized names engraved, intending to accompany each baby's journey to joyful and healthy growth.
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Every moment of gratitude to our parents
Recognizing the greatness and love hidden in the ordinary days of our parents, Jessemade listens attentively to the voices of every child, crafting special expressions of love for customers to convey the most precious feelings to their parents on special occasions.
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Focus on yourself, love yourself
Jessemade extends a heartfelt invitation for individuals, regardless of their roles in social relationships, to focus on self-love. Whether you are a considerate wife, a tender mother, or a filial son or daughter, Jessemade believes that every stage you pass through is equally worthy of being recorded, encouraging a continuous celebration of self-love at every step of life's journey.
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Brand vision

Jessemade wants to create a deep emotional connection with its customers, helping them to record every memorable moment and give each gift a unique meaning.


Personalized gifts, Unique presence
Customize whatever makes sense to you
Customize whatever makes sense to you

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