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Care Tips

How to Care for Your Jewelry

The materials used in Jessemade Jewelry designs require specific care for for everyday wear, forever.
We also have a few tips and tricks you can use to remains in prime condition.

 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling silver requires special care to preserve its appearance and longevity, We plate our jewelry a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper to enhance luster, strength and durability.

Day-to-day Care

H2O sensitive. Avoid water when wearing your piece, because over time the sterling silver will oxidize.

However, the oils in your skin help keep sterling silver from oxidizing faster. We also recommend that you store your fine jewelry in a safe, dry place like our Jessemade pouch when engaging in the following activities:

  • Household and outdoor chores
  • Showering, bathing or swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs and the ocean
  • Using lotion, hair products, fragrances and other cosmetics
  • Exercising at the gym or during contact sports
  • Preparing meals
  • All of our birthstones are genuine mineral stones, highly valued for their beauty, longevity, and rarity. 



All of our birthstones are genuine mineral stones, highly valued for their beauty, longevity, and rarity. 

Day-to-day Care

To keep birthstones clean and shiny, use warm soapy water and a soft brush.

We also recommend that you avoid exposing them to the following:

  • Variable temperatures
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Household chemicals

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil jewelry is popular and more difficult to pronounce than to care for. Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) is a special style of gold plating that is often also referred to as silver gilt. Vermeil is a gold coating that is laid over the top of a sterling silver base, which makes the jewelry more durable and gives it that prettier long-lasting color and shine.

Day-to-day Care

To keep your gold vermeil jewelry looking beautiful and shiny, we reccomend that you can follow these instructions:

  • Before exercising or showering, remove your vermeil jewelry.
  • Clean your piece by buffing gently with a dry cloth and store it in your pouch.
  • Avoid any contact with chlorine, bleach and sweat (no it is not an excuse to ditch the workout).
  • To clean, use a soft dry microfiber cloth to gently buff it. Do not use chemical cleaners, as it is likely to strip the jewelry of its gold finish.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is considerably more durable than silver. Its bright and silvery finish, which is resistant to tarnish, is a popular and affordable choice for fashion jewelry. Unlike sterling silver, stainless steel jewelry is strong enough to withstand daily life and household chores.

Day-to-day Care

Caring for your stainless steel jewelry is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Simply pour warm water into a small bowl mixed with some dishwashing soap.
  • Using a soft cloth, gently wipe the jewelry until it is clean.
  • Remove any remaining soap with a moistened cloth dipped in clean water.
  • To maintain that beautiful shine, use either a jewelry polish or a special polishing cloth.